Sunday, October 09, 2005

PVC wood-steel doors

The steel plate of PVC of the public appearance adoption superior quality inhibits but becomes.Product styleThe type is novel and generous, the lines is flowing freely, the color and luster is fresh and clear, the natural veins is clear, the quality is hard, having the stereoscopic feeling of beautiful sense of vision;The public appearance passes the advanced manufacturing craftMake the public appearance pattern have another, the beauty is generous and is rich with the art feeling and seems to be noble cultured, can rise the function of embellish the living quarters.Compare with the traditional solid wood door BE alsoThe advantage is much many, it defends the tide, defends the insect , constant form, not open the , hard enduring, the heat preservation function good, go together with with several frames, suit the wall body of different thickness And install conveniently, its color is diverse, the characteristic design can satisfy the need of different customer.The material chooses to use, by the strict sieving of professional personnel."

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