Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hybrid Fabric iPad Case For iPad

Key Feature:
Ideal fit your iPad
Soft microfiber interior
Carbon Fabric Leather pattern
Reinforced panels for structure
Lightweight enough to carry anywhere
Folds horizontally or vertically to hold iPad at an angle for viewing video or typing on the onscreen keyboard
Holes for headphone jack, dock connector port, and on/off and volume buttons

iPhone Cases: iPhone 4 Case, iPhone 3GS Case

Key Feature:

100% Natural Material

100% Handmade with prefect fix to your iPhone 4

All the phone features are fully accessible through the case without removing it

Duo Crystal Screen Protector included (1pc.)

Mircofiber Cleaning Cloth included (1pc.)

Improve iPhone 4 antenna performance

3 Dead in iPad Plant Explosion

An explosion in a southwestern China plant involved in manufacturing iPads has killed three people, reports Reuters. Foxconn Technology, a Taiwanese company that is one of Apple's biggest suppliers, confirmed the deaths yesterday, and said that preliminary findings indicate that the blast, which happened Friday, was caused by combustible dust at a polishing workstation. Foxconn said that all work at that workshop has been stopped, as has similar work at other workshops. In addition to the deaths, 15 people were injured.

Aftermath of Bloody Incident in Beijing Apple Store: HuangNiu(Ticket scalper) Win

One day after the bloody Incident happened in Beijing Apple Store (sanlitun) , Beijing Police said Apple already made a compromise with the injured and no need to go to court. Also Apple annouced they will not take the action to limit the amount which every customer can buy one time.

Before the incident, apple ask every customer register with their ID card and limit at most 2PCS of IPAD2 every customer can buy.  This action is to protect the benefit of customer to avoid 黄牛(huangniu,means Ticket scalper) to stock more IPAD2 then sell to customer with higher prices. Also it is the reason why the bloody incident happened, HUANGNIU thought the limit buy with ID card is not good to them, so they try to break the rule, then fight with the big foreign guy( the head of sanlitun apple store)  and lose the fight.

Now apple canceled the policy of limit buy with ID CARD, I thought it is a big win of HUANGNIUS. As a potential customer of IPAD2, I felt sad. I do hate HUANGNIU.

Apple employee beat chinese customers in Beijing due to IPAD2

IPAD2 arrives in Beijing on May.6. IPad2 attacts a lot of people come to Apple Store(Sanlitun) in Beijing. In the afternoon of May.7, there happens a serious conflicit between apple store employee and chinese customers. An very big guy with apple uniform bloodly beat down 4 chinese customers with a steel stick. The apple guy is 1.90m tall, called John, foreigner. Then angry chinese smashed a glass door of apple store. Therefore, Apple store closed. The police come to investigate. We don't know if APPLE Store will open tomorrow.

Update on May.9  Aftermath of Bloody Incident in Beijing Apple Store: HuangNiu(Ticket scalper) Win